Visiting with Tito Puente Jr

Fort Lauderdale, Florida March 1, 2013.

Tito Puente Jr, son of the King of Mambo, Tito Puente and Godson of the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz visited with before his recent concert at Bienes Center for the Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Tito told us about the origins of Mambo, helped us understand the difference between Mambo and Salsa (Not what you might think!) and shared many thoughts on his music and his father’s legacy.





One of our main impressions is that Tito enjoys what he's doing and he's having fun.   

This is a great quality and we appreciate it.   

He was very generous with his time and he even introduced us to his lovely wife, Rosalie who was also very gracious and friendly.







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Tito is a LOT of fun.  His has a great one-on-one personality and he commands the stage. 

One of the things we enjoyed about the performance is that he infuses the show with interesting facts and stories about the history behind the songs.

Tito’s show appeals to non-Spanish speakers as well as any.  

Many of the spoken parts of his performance are in English. 

Even though the music is universal, the English “narration” helps make the songs more accessible and makes the performance very enjoyable for all.

Tito also makes it a point to reach out and embrace the younger generation. 

Not only is he helping bridge cultural divides but he is breaking down the generation gap too.  Bravo!

For all you Santana fans who have been listening to “Oye Como Va” your entire life, this is your chance to learn about the Puente connection! 




It just might be another surprise for you.  Did you know that Tito's father wrote it?

“Oye Como Va” has been performed by some of the biggest names in both Latin and English music including of course Carlos Santana, but also Celia Cruz and Julio Iglesias among many others.


It’s a regular part of Tito’s show.


Tito introduced us to his long-time musical director and the show’s pianist, Marlow Rosado. 

Marlow recently won the Grammy Award for the industry’s Best Tropical Album  “Retro”.

Marlow is also a local South Florida artist who is making big waves on the national scene. 

Tito collaborated on the album and shared some of the Grammy stardust too!


The musicianship of all the professionals on-stage is superb and they were all clearly having a grand time. I had an opportunity to say hello to a few of them backstage after the performance and they seem like a great bunch of guys.




The Band:

Ranses Colon (Bass)
Daniel Pena (Congas)
Gamalier Reyes (Percussion and Backup Vocals)
Guillermo Cobiellas (Trombone)
Julian Cifuentes (Trumpet)








Marlow Rosado (Musical director and Piano)








Tito has a new album in the works that will be released around June.  In the meantime, look for the Tito Puente Jr. album “Got Mambo” on Amazon and iTunes.  We got “Got Mambo” and it’s a great listen.

On left:  Tito and Rosalie Puente











We wish Tito Puente Jr a long and successful career and all the best in and outside the music world.







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If you'd like to learn more about Tito's father, this is a good start:

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